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Lack of enough sleep can pose chronic effects to sexbook daters

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sexbook friend

sexbook friend

It may seem like your sexbook friend not getting enough sleep for a day or two is not a big deal but I’m here to confirm to you that it poses a great deal of negative effects.  Skimping optimal bed rest can actually affect you as being drunk.  Do you want to know whether short hours of sleep are really affecting your capabilities?  Read on…

Effect 1: Poor concentration

If your sexbook partner is deprived of enough hours of sleep, he or she is likely to suffer from poor concentration.  His/her way of doing things will be disturbed all day long.  If you care for them, ensure that they get at least 7.5 hours of bed rest each day.

Effect 2: Minimized body immunity

Frequent colds and petty infections rarely leave the door of a person who deprives himself of enough sleep every other day.  Being healthy emotionally and physically begins with having a peace of mind which is sorted by having enough bed rest.

Effect 3: Reduced problem solving skills

Creativity goes down and hence productivity.  If for instance, the victim is an executive of a certain institution, he or she is likely to mess all others with awkward schedules or assignments.  The institution’s subordinates then suffer for his mistakes.  Why would you make others pay for your deeds?

Effect 4: Low self esteem

Low personal esteem may branch from inability to cope with stress and hence you become moody.  This will lead to moody relations with people you relate, work or learn with and perhaps spoil other people’s good motives for the day.

Effect 5:  Risk of contracting chronic infections

Stress from fatigue and day’s work that frequent day in day out are what makes many sexbook daters to stand at the risk of contracting chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart infections, etc.  They can also keep you at the risk of getting into accidents.

Sleep: Its myths vs. facts

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sexbook dates

sexbook dates

If your brains are always alert from the moment you wake up until the moment you rest again, then this implies that you are getting enough of bed rest.  As you start getting optimal bed rest, your energy will soon go up.  All your sexbook dates will actually go mad as a result of exceptional efficiency; you will not have to choose between health and productivity.

Even though the amount of sleep needed by each person every day varies by age, here are some common truths about sleep: -

i. One hour less of bed rest can affect your whole day

If you’re used to getting like 7.5 hours of sleep every day and one day you cut it off by an hour, your daytime must be affected greatly.  You may not be sleepy during the day but your ability to respond quickly or rather energy balance will be noticeably affected.

ii. Extended bed rest can cure mental stress

When fatigued from the day’s activities, many sex book daters often think of rest which will renew their brains for fresh more activities the following day.  You can take some shower and accompany your sexbook girlfriend to bed.  You must always match enough sleep with quality as well – rest in a comfortable room and bed.  How will you enjoy sleep if the quality is poor?

iii. Lost sleep can be compensated during day offs

Many sexbook daters work for 5 to 6 days a week unless under exceptional terms.  In other words, most of them are normally free during the weekends and that’s when they get more sleep.  Although this pattern may help you recover part of the debt, it will not help you make up completely.  However, this can affect your biological clock as it becomes a challenge to re-adjust your sleep schedules come Monday mornings.

SEXBOOK Friends – How much sleep do we need each day?

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sexbook friends

sexbook friends

Just as nutritional balance and exercises are good for optimal health and happiness for many sexbook friends, so is sleep.  Sleep is an activity that delivers so many benefits but out of just a little effort.  Around eight hours of sleep per day are good but a few people can afford this.  You can bear with me that people who love sleep so much rarely mess up their issues or get stressed more often.  Even if they once get harassed, it doesn’t take long.

Sleep is merely a time when our bodies and brains are off duty.  However, while asleep, our brains often get busy planning ahead a series of biological maintenance tasks that keep you set for the top condition and prepare you for the next day.  Just as a vehicle which is in need of more fuel, so is a normal person without enough hours of sleep rest.

Many sex book friends are aware that whenever they lack enough hours of bed rest, then they can be assured of a bad day at work, weaker creativity and learning capabilities and poor communication with those around them.  If you dare skimp for sleep service regularly and satisfactorily, you’re likely to breakdown on the way.  Recharge your everyday batteries by getting enough sleep.

In actual sense, there is a big difference between the hours of sleep you get by on every day and the optimal hours of sleep you need to function optimally.  Some researches found out that a few people (about 3%) can operate on a six-hour sleep comfortably.  So now just because you’re able to operate on 6 or 7 hour of sleep, it doesn’t mean that you won’t feel better if you extend one or two more hours in bed.

To assess if your body and brain are getting enough rest, just watch out your feelings as you go about each day.

Sexbook daters: Do you understand the power of good and enough sleep?

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sexbook contacts

sexbook contacts

Every minimal loss of sleep contributes to a toll on your mood, performance, health, efficiency, energy and even ability to conquer stress.  Sleep is meant to restore and refresh your mind and entire body for a fresh day.  I often tell some of my sexbook contacts that if they wish to stay healthy, feel at their best or even perform to the best of their potentials, then they must factor sleep as a necessity not a luxury.

Some sexbook friends will want to have as much sleep as possible while others try to cut it off while scrambling to meet the demands of this modern lifestyle.  Getting enough rest through sleep is the one best healthy ways to help you get through the never ending to-do list every other day.  Having fun is also a way to get through your busy lifestyle but can not be as good as sleep.

If there is anything in your life that seems more interesting and important, then you’d rather disregard it today.  I just feel that we must have enough sleep to enjoy a smoother and more fulfilling period in our lives.  Cut off your daily commitments and fun time and try to get a few more hours of sleep today.  I’m sure you will notice a big change in your life.

If you could observe yourself closely and note what happens when you’re asleep, you will be able to work out how much sleep you need per day.  Perhaps, you can be able to determine the steps you can put forward to bounce back from sleep loss and stick onto a healthy sleep scheme.

As a sexbook dater, the quality of sleep you get each day determines many of your daily scenarios in life such as creativity and proper mental response which enhances better productivity, peaceful relations with other daters, emotional balance, compatible body weight and general wellbeing.

Talking about your body insecurities is as boring as studying about the Dead Sea

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sexbook guys

If there is one thing men really hate is when you ask them about your physical looks.  For example, she asks… “Do I really look fat?”; “Is my belly excessively big?”  I personally never entertain such questions…if I were asked such, my answer would be…”For one thing, I don’t know whether you’re fat.  For another, just shut up.

Many sexbook guys do not want to listen to girls talk about their body insecurities such as a big butt, tiny or extra large boobs, overweight, etc.  It’s a fact that some guys have an issue with how much their chics weigh.  There are those who prefer girls as thin as a fence post while others love women with big butts and boobs.  After all, who really cares?  You cannot change from what you are no matter what…you’re what you are, period!

Who would enjoy studying about the Dead Sea?  That’s the same way sexbook guys often get bored listening about your images.  You might be questioning your guy friend for his genuine comment or rather you’re fishing for a honest compliment from a guy you like but all in all, asking about your looks is a no-win situation.

You know what?  If a guy loves you, he loves you for who you are and how you look like.  Surprisingly enough, I’ve never really understood what men love about women… even though there are a couple of things most men will prefer in women, there has never been a specific catch that attracts men to women and the vice-versa.

Even if you’re not beautiful to one guy, another one will like you and perhaps your self image will overwhelm his senses.  You must always be confident in who you are and appreciate whatever your Creator blessed you with.  Everyone’s body is awesome…we are all pretty and that’s why each of us finds a lover to commit to.

What about the girls’ time of the month?

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Girls even those in the sexbook dating scene get a bit weird when their time of the month comes.  I do fail to understand why they have to behave so awkwardly at times; why would anyone behave like you’re their worst enemy just because she’s receiving her menses?  Screaming and freaking at your pals isn’t just right.

In fact, one of my friends just wished I died simply because I was held jobwise to accompany her to the shopping centre.  I mean, some things are just too petty to get you fumed up to such extreme extents.  It’s more understandable when you wake up suffering from muscle cramps, head and body aches and those around you will at least help you out.  Your sexbook boyfriend may not feel the pain, but will sympathize with you in quest to get the feeling off.

Most sexbook men are aware that ladies get pained during their menstrual time; they are aware that this too affects their moods and may make a girl very angry.  However, they never entertain girls screaming at them… it doesn’t sound any good to anyone.

The best way to deal with your menstrual time is to take care of yourself by probably taking the right foods that will reduce pain and soothe your physical and emotional symptoms.  It’s also good to avoid caffeine, greasy and sugary foods as they aggravate more pain. Alternatively, get lots of sleep, drink plenty of clean water and take warn baths more frequently.

You shouldn’t live in solitude just because you’re wearing a maxi-pad.  It’s better to stay out of social opp if you’re not feeling good.  There is no point of going out to the club or to a party if you won’t have good time.  Give an apology and avoid partying if you’re in bad taste.

Men too have self image issues

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sexbook list

sexbook list

Recently, it has been discovered that sexbook men often worry about their hair, body skin, weight and dressing mode just as women do.  The only difference is that men don’t air out their worries as much as women; a woman will not suffer about her broad waist and keep it to herself; she’ll often ask other people of slimming options and so on.  Vanity in men has been heightened by the girls’ influence to have their men appear smarter and attractive.

Although there are a few guys who will talk about their vanity problems, the cases are not as common as those of the opposite sex.  A lady might even put a question about her condition openly where all her sexbook contacts can see but a man will be ashamed to do so.

What you can be sure of is that men totally think about their self image even though they might not speak it out.  More so, they are worried about how girls look at them… they also want to impress their sexbook mates.

Sexbook girls too like guys with good bodies, healthy skin, smart hair and above all, know how to dress occasionally.  Girls freak out when their men for instance, wear jeans and t-shirt as office wear.  I mean, they want you to conform to their likes, to be smart and not appear like a total letdown.

Which woman does not admire a smart guy?  In fact, if you want to attract those in your sexbook list, being smart should be your number one priority.  Make up your self image first then the other things are likely to flow smoothly.

If you have or are eyeing to date a beautiful and well groomed lady, you must do the necessary homework.  I’m sure they’ll help you get there!

3 things sexbook men wish their girls got rid of

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Sexbook daters do many things in love.  They often exchange gifts, tokens for good things done, exchange lovely messages through e-mail or phone texts, take each other out and spend quality time together.  Loved ones make mistakes every day, they often wrong their mates though life has to go on.  If we can take an account of the many mistakes we make every day, the list would be endless.  However, there are a few things women do that do not impress men at all and so they should avoid: -

i. Gossip

Girls often talk trash about their close girl and boy friends.  Girls are very mean especially to one another.  You’ll hear a girl gossiping her close friend and it’s like you can’t believe it!  Talking about other people is a normal occurrence but there is a big difference between gossip and character assassinations.  It’s very wrong to make someone believe that you’re saying negative things about them.  You’d rather make your sexbook contacts improve their bad habits other than gossip them.

ii. Suggestive whisper

Whispers are meant to convey a message secretly but common with backbiters.  It’s so third grade to see sexbook ladies look at someone, then at each other and laugh.  Others whisper with their hand cupped at their other girl’s ear… this is so ordinary!  If you must exchange words secretly, be discreet about whispering and be sure that it’s not going to hurt anyone’s feelings.

iii. Freaking out

Women often lose their control and are highly emotional.  The situations are worse during their menstrual time of the month.  Screaming at your sexbook friend simply because you don’t just feel nice doesn’t help you at all.  After all, screaming out at your friend will not get any of your grievances solved; it’s even more likely to worsen the situation.  Control your emotions as much as possible if you don’t want to risk killing your sexbook relationship.

I wonder why my sex book buddies act spazzy and giggly

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sexbook dating


I’ve always wondered why many girls get so excited over simple and normal stuff.  I’m sure, I’m not all alone; are you also surprised?  Every small issue is just an excitement, oh, no way!  It’s true that women love attention and somehow being excited makes people look and wonder what they are so happy about.

Girls are different from one another.  As much as they will once share same birthday dates, characters, likes or dislikes, in the sexbook arena; they are totally different from one another.  We are raised to let our feelings out but funny enough, men rarely cry… I’ve never seen a guy friend cry but I’ve often seed girlfriends crack down because some sexbook guy they loved didn’t pick up their call or did not buy her something he had promised.

Well, no one should dictate how you should act or let your feelings out even if they form part of your sex book list.  Just tuck in your action at the back of your mind and do as yourself.  You can agree with me that girls mellow out a little greater than guys.

A simple unimpressive act can ruin your good sexbook relationship, a good chance to meeting a willing partner, genuine friends to mention a few.  Your bad behaviors soon advance into habits which are hard to polish away.  To get goodness back, you must be good to people – they need not to be told of your kindness; your actions should tell without question.

We try to create good relations with other people not just because we want to impress them or get anything in return but because we want to be at ease with everyone.  I’m sure you have met a few if not many people who have exceptional excellent traits quite distinct from the normal human existence.  Be good to everyone!

Girls, don’t you know that you’re much prettier without all that makeup?

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sexbook madonna

sexbook madonna

Judging from a survey we made, we have found out that many guys cannot stand ladies’ make ups.  They complain about it more often and wish that women literally applied just enough or remained natural.  Well, every man admires every pretty beautiful chic in his sex book list but some of them have an issue with a lady whose face is fully painted in the name of looking prettier.  That full painting really sucks men, far much less than you can imagine.

Other sexbook guys do not really find a good reason to why many girls apply so much crap on their faces, eyes, and lips.  The black crap on their eyes and red lipsticks on their lips are some of the common make ups women like.  I wonder if they think this can get them a guy, can it?  I have a strong believe that, a man can fall for a woman with or without make ups.  It all depends with whom you’re attracted to and what you want.  I will admit that some sex book guys have been addicted to the full painted faces, eyes and lips besides many others who disregard it completely.

Some girls just apply make ups because they want to look prettier just as every woman should.  Some are even addicted to it and cannot do without it.  Make up is a more fun thing than anything else as far as many women are concerned.  You can never miss a make up kit in a woman’s handbag.  You might wonder what the hell they carry every day in their handbags; make ups, hand towels, lotions… they can never miss!

It’s still true that lots of sexbook women get all dolled up so that they’ll appear more attractive and especially to the opposite sex.  If appearing really hot is your goal, you can go for what you prefer.